The unknown solitaire hacks you should try today

The unknown solitaire hacks you should try today
Author: solitairen

Looking for a new strategy to take your Solitaire experience to a new level? Tried everything classical when it comes to beating the time and arranging the piles in the fastest ever possible way? Don’t worry, because the number of tactics suitable for this game is pretties the same as the number of available Solitaire formats – almost endless! 

Today, we offer you a fantastic set of rare hacks to try and become a better player. Please have a look at them and don’t hesitate to apply them all in your next Solitaire experience. 

Focus on the Aces and the Kings 

It’s good to know that in many Solitaire formats, it’s impossible and not allowed, according to the official rules, to put the King on any other card type. Similarly, you cannot cover an Ace with some other card (excluding the case when it’s right inside the foundation). In other words, we suggest you build an internal preliminary strategy for the gameplay as soon as you see most of the Kings and Aces uncovered in your piles. 

The successful beginning is everything 

And in many cases, Solitaire pros that it’s good to begin with nothing else but with the more giant stacks. This is how you will be more flexible while searching for all the hidden cards. As soon as you reduce these big stacks, you will get more cards to manoeuvre on the field. 

The even tableau distribution 

This strategy is not just good, but tested in many Solitaire formats. It’s a huge mistake to try to finish a pile rather than switching from one pile to another as long as each has four cards. This alternative provides you the chance to make more combos, as well as to collect many small piles that can be transferred without disturbing your general plan. 

And once again, about the…King 

Every Solitaire enthusiast with extensive experience in the field will also tell you that it’s recommended that you not empty the tableaus or the piles to remove all the cards without seeing a King in any of them. If you keep making this mistake, you will see that eventually, you will block entire columns without any chances for you to move or modify them with one or two moves. 

Stick to the correct colour when filling an empty space 

When you wonder which Ace to move – the black or the red – don’t rush, but consider all of your options, including if the time is ticking to make a move. It’s the color that makes the order, so if you select the wrong one, you might risk a whole pile remaining blocked for half of the gameplay time (or more). Of course, when considering the color, it’s mostly critical to focus on the King, Jack and the Queen. 

Avoid pointless movements 

Although the primary purpose of the game is to move the card (or a whole pile, column, etc.), you should not repeat such a mistake. Moving a card just like that and for no reason is something that makes your gameplay chaotic and your entire strategy – absolutely pointless. Instead, consider all of your movements ahead and have a plan B in case something goes wrong. 

The Undo button in Solitairen – your joker 

It’s not only in the Word program but in almost any Solitaire structure. After all, the game was promoted by Microsoft, right? What we are trying to tell you is that if you make a mistake, you don’t have to cry a river, but instead, use the Undo button. With it, you can quickly remove the consequences of your wrong decisions. Just don’t forget that the game is fixed with concrete time, and using the Undo button constantly might distract or delay you. 

We encourage you to try all of these fantastic Solitaire hacks in your favourite format available on our website. Play it for free and have fun 24/7 on your mobile device, laptop or PC.