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The Ultimate Guide to Golf Solitaire Card Game

On our website, the Solitaire selection is vast enough to offer many games to test and try. Within it, you will find both – popular and not so famous titles that are, though, worth it to be checked out. Today, we want to present you with another exciting card game that guarantees many hours of entertainment. Spend a few minutes with us and learn everything you need to know about Golf Solitaire Free Online.

Golf Solitaire Online Introduction

Golf Solitaire Free Online is a modern, challenging card game that allows you to combine skills and experience. To win in this solitaire, as usual, having some luck is also a must. Yet, knowing the rules in a concrete card game and having a reliable tactic can increase your chances for some success. Before offering you our set of Golf Solitaire tips and tricks, it would be interesting to get to know it in detail.

What is Golf Solitaire?

Golf Solitaire is a classic card game. On the web, you can find it by the name of "Golf Patience", as well as "Foundation" and "Fan Tan".

This game is also a typical representation of the solitaire genre. The game format is a single player. The original version requires a standard deck of 52 cards. The game rules are simple, and even if you have never played solitaires before, a quick glance at them will be enough to learn them in detail.

Golf Solitaire Background History

There are no specific historical facts about the Golf Solitaire appearance. Unfortunately, documents showing when the game was invented don’t exist. It’s, though, believed that Golf Solitaire is among the first modern Solitaire games as a whole. These card games have an ancient history but appear in their current design and structure in the 18th century. During the first years of the digitalization era, Microsoft adopted Solitaire formats. By default, the company has favored them by integrating Solitaire card games into any computer.

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Understanding the Golf Solitaire Free Online Basics

It’s an exciting story why this solitaire is called "Golf". The thing is that just like in the popular sports game golf, in this card game, players must do everything possible to get as few points as possible in a whole course made of 9 deals in total. These "deals", like in the sports Golf, are called in the Solitaire Golf "holes".

How to win in Free Solitaire Golf Game

Your goal in Golf Solitaire Online is to transfer all the cards – from the tableau to the waste pile that builds up the entire game foundation. Note that you should have the cards arranged in a particular order.

Golf Solitaire Online Game Setup

Free Solitaire Golf Game starts with the game setup. From all the 52 cards, 7 columns are made. For each column, 5 cards are deal. These 35 cards are dealt with their faces up. This is how the game tableau is built. One card is supposed to be opened aside as the foundation base. In the end, 16 cards remain with their faces down, and they represent the Golf Solitaire stock. Besides this stockpile, there’s one more pile – the waste pile – where cards from the Stockpile or the tableau are transferred.

How to play Golf Solitaire Free Online?

Golf Solitaire Online is a little bit different than the other solitaire card games – you can move cards from the tableau piles only to the waste pile. Hence, like in the rest solitaire formats, there are specific rules you should follow to play it the right way:

  • When you transfer a card from any of the 7 columns of the tableau, you can use only the topmost card. After removing a concrete card, the one below becomes the next playable card.
  • You can transfer a card from the tableau to the waste pile only when they are neighbours in rank (one rank lower or higher). The suit, in this case, doesn’t matter. Play a card in golf solitaire
  • The Ace and King can be played on each other, regardless of suit. Play a king over ace in golf solitaire
  • If you have no potential move to perform, you should reveal cards sequentially from the stockpile onto the waste pile, gradually reinitiating the gameplay with cards from the tableau as soon as feasible. Deal new cards in golf solitaire
  • Attention: typical for many Solitaire games, the redeal rule is not applied in the Golf Solitaire. This means that the game has reached its end at the moment when the entire stock is empty, while the player doesn’t have any move to perform.
  • The game is won when all of the cards have been moved from the tableau piles to the waste pile. All cards in the waste pile in golf solitaire

Golf Solitaire Online Strategy for Success

Here’s another name for the Golf Solitaire game – the Golf Patience. Indeed, like in all solitaires, in this one, you should be patient enough to reach your final goal destination. But mastering this skill of yours is just the beginning of your success path. Here’s what else you can do to score a win.

Essential Tips for Golf Solitaire Free Online

As a beginner in Golf Solitaire Online, you can apply several tested hacks. Accept them as the base of your winning strategy:

  • Pay serious attention to the foundation. It should be strong enough all the time. Also, remember that opening the cards with their faces down is critical. This is how you will solidly control the successful enough tableau.
  • As to the tableau, creating as many spaces to move the essential cards as possible is recommended.
  • Don’t forget the correct chronology of the cards. Make sure to think about the game sequencing rules.
  • Attention: Aces and Kings are the key cards in this solitaire. They should be used when you need to unlock a column.

Advanced Expert-Level Golf Solitaire Guides

Thanks to the essential tips, once you become more experienced in the Golf Solitaire, don’t hesitate to progress even more. Try our advanced set of tricks to win in an even faster way. Here’s what you can do for this purpose:

  • Since empty piles are useless in this solitaire, make sure to work more with the longer piles. This is how you will get more revealed cards.
  • Try the counting strategy. It will help you remember all the discarded cards. Slow down with the removal of the cards in the most extended sequences. It could become a problem for you at the end of the game. For instance, the Sixes might get stuck if you have just removed all the Fives and Sevens.
  • You can evolve patterns to follow within the tableau. You might need some more time and experience to achieve such a talent in solitaire solving, but when you make it, you will become faster and more logical in your decision.

Mistakes to avoid in Golf Solitaire Free Online

We’ve tracked a couple of common mistakes Golf Solitaire players keep making and repeating throughout their game experience. Checking them out now – before you start having fun with this solitaire – will save you lots of problems and dead ends:

  • Early emptying of the stock pile. This progress of the game establishes unwanted limits for your move options.
  • Not following the tableau progress. You will miss many winning opportunities if you neglect the dynamics in the tableau.
  • Opening too many hidden cards at once. If you focus on such a tactic, you risk ending up with many blocked moves.
  • Not having a plan since the beginning. If you start playing the game chaotically and counting only on your luck, it will end for you too soon. Try to set a concrete plan to stick to since your first move.

Golf Solitaire Online Final Thoughts

Similarly to all solitaire games, Golf tests your patience, improves your logic and gives you some pleasure while spending your leisure. The game is intriguing and has the charm to loom in this concrete entertainment genre. We suggest you try it right away as in many charts Golf Solitaire is one of the most preferred solitaire options among the modern playing audience. Test it on our website for free and as many times as you need to.

How to Play Golf Solitaire Free Online Video

You can watch our video to understand the rules of the game and explore all options we offer like Undo, Hint, Change Deck and many more.

Watch on YouTube: "How to play Golf Solitaire Free Online?"