How digital world affected solitaire game through the years

How digital world affected solitaire game through the years
Author: solitairen

Does anyone remember when we used to do everything mechanically, on the computer and at home? Indeed, the digital mobile era has changed how we live, our world, and even how we are as people, workers, artists, and creators.

From the aspect of the Solitaire game, though, we can say that it’s been experiencing the entire digitalization process from the very beginning. Unlike many other games, activities and hobbies, Solitaire has not recently received its online or mobile face, but at the start of this global transformation. 

Spend a few minutes with us to trace the entire Solitaire digitalization background story to see the game in a wholly different and more explicit way. 

The first Solitaire digital game 

It’s the 1990th year, and Microsoft is about to make a thing that will help them rock the digital world for decades ahead. The release of the Windows OS for domestic usage is a true revolution. And somehow, Solitaire becomes a significant part of it. An internet from the ambitious Microsoft team decided to add the game to the official Windows OS pack of default features. And somehow, this probably forgotten by the entire world form of entertainment starts living a new, second life. A life that’s about to advance at a fast speed and in parallel with the digitalisation process as a whole. 

Online Klondike – the beginning of the Solitaire family expansion 

Klondike is the Solitaire format that appeared in the Windows OS pack. Lately, it received its fully online version in the first websites the internet is about to host for digital enthusiasts in the late years of the 20th century. But this is just the beginning of the digitalization of the Solitaire game. A couple of years later, gaming enthusiasts from the IT sphere discovered that people are actually fond of the game and that it has the potential to advance. This is how versions like Spider, Pyramid, and Freecell found their way and significant place in the worldwide world web. These days, you can, on the other side, discover more than 500 Solitaire formats on the internet, including in our free platform. 

Building a whole global community in the globalization phase 

The name of this card game originates from the French word for “alone”. And indeed, Solitaire is one of the most popular entertainment forms for solitude amusement. But globalization as a process is about unity, about making people from all over the world a united community. It was a matter of time for Solitaire to acquire a new role – not to help a person have fun alone, but to allow people to get united in their struggle to have fun, including while being independently at home. The appearance of the multiplayer formats, as well as the first online contests for the best Solitaire players definitely becomes a critical moment in this game globalization process. 

The audio, video, 3D and AI enhancement did not pass Solitaire

We’ve got a question for people over their 30s – do you remember the first game you played on your computer? It was fun, we agree, but it wasn’t the most fantastic design you have ever seen, right? If you are one of those, who don’t remember, though, it’s ok. It’s absolutely normal for you to have forgotten the first online gameplays and their designs. After all, the gaming industry has been progressing so fast, thanks to the non-stop innovations in the sphere. These revolutionary improvements have been leaving their signs in the progress of the digital Solitaire format, too. Try to search for a picture of the first Solitaire gameplay look, the one from the Microsoft Windows pack. Well, they definitely have nothing to do with the latest Solitaire game designs, are they? 

From the heavy PC to the tiny, sleek phone with Solitaire

Similarly, Solitaire has been moving from device to device without losing its nature and essence, but to increase factors like convenience while playing and flexibility while deciding when and where to play. It was absolutely logical for most of the top favourite games played on a PC to become mobile-friendly. The clear, simple and easy-going look and gameplay of Solitaire hides no difficulties for the designers and programs to make them compatible with the oldest Nokia phones, as well as with the latest smartphones such as iPhone 15 Pro, for instance. 

As a pioneer of digital games, Solitaire has been moving ahead with no stops or handicaps straight to the future of the mobile and online spheres! It’s definitely a symbol of the beginning, but it’s also a significant part of future trends. 

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