10 curious solitaire facts you did not know

10 curious solitaire facts you did not know
Author: solitairen

Solitaire isn’t just the main topic in our free online gaming platform. Solitaire is also one of the ancient card games. It’s the most-played one-person entertainment of all time. 

If you already know these things, don’t hurry to say you are 100% aware of the solitaire game. How about meeting you with truly curious facts you have probably never heard about? Read them below and get to know Solitaire in an even better way. 

Solitaire is not just a game but also a pill 

Psychiatrists from all over the world claim that this card game has excellent therapeutic potential. Through the years, starting back from the late 20th century till today, medical experts claim that Solitaire can be an amazing treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression and severe stress. To be more specific, the game calms down the nerves and eliminates persistent thoughts. Practised regularly as a part of the overall therapy, the game is also an amazing way to improve the mood and stop its constant changes throughout the day. 

Solitaire as an inheritor of the Tarot cards

You might not believe it, but besides the mathematical Solitaire, has also a mysterious side. Back then, people used to predict the future thanks to the central foundation building methods typical for the game. In several regions across the entire glove, Solitaire was implemented as a substitute of the Tarot cards as these cards were tough to find and put into force by ordinary people. 

Solitaire is the game with the biggest set of variations 

You know that poker has plenty of formats – Omaha, Texas Hold Em, 3-card poker, and you name it. Blackjack has several versions, too, while baccarat is famous as a set of ordinary and mini game versions. However, when it comes to the most extensive pack of alternatives, Solitaire is one of the leaders in the sphere of card games. You might know only Spider Solitaire, TriPeaks, Freecell and Pyramid, but the truth is that there are dozens of them out there and on our website for free access. 

Solitaire isn’t a casino product, but it can bring cash

Although it’s infrequent, sometimes you might appear in an ad or an invitation to a Solitaire tournament. Indeed, despite the free of charge nature of this game, in some regions across the world you can discover contests arranged by and for the best Solitaire players. We have learned that the game's biggest pros can win up to several thousands of dollars. Though, usually, these tournaments are private and occasional. 

Solitaire is the biggest source of shame for the mathematicians 

We’ve mentioned it several times: this game has a lot to do with mathematics and science. However, it seems that the mathematic pros had to go through a lot to truly understand Solitaire. The thing is that this game has caused lots of occasions for embarrassment for them. It was the 2019th year when finally the mathematic pros reached the correct answer as to the exact probability rate to win in a Solitaire game. 

Solitaire has been determined as one of the iconic pop symbols 

In many charts, following the most typical for the 90s of the previous century pop elements Solitaire might not be at the top, but yet presenting. Indeed, the game gathers next to brands and symbols such as Coca-Cola, MTV and disco balls. Of course, this Solitaire’s role is due to its second birthday or when the Microsoft intern decides to implement the game inside the first home-based Windows OS pack. 

Solitaire is an Oscar winner 

Ok, no one related to Solitaire took the iconic statuette by the American and International film industry. However, another giant contemporary cultural institution has awarded Solitaire the best game ever. It’s the IT leader of Google Corporation. And in the 2020th year, Solitaire received the iconic Card Game Oscar. 

Solitaire isn’t just pop but royal, too 

As a matter of fact, many royal personalities used to be in love with the game. Several historical documents prove that in England, many queens were keen on Solitaire, especially during their leisure time and before taking an important decision. By all means, though, among the royalties, it was Napoleon who seemed to be the game's biggest fan. 

Solitaire role in literature 

One more iconic person of the old times had spotted and paid his honour to the Solitaire game. It was Shakespeare who included the game in one of his plays. More specifically, it was the Troilus and Cressida where one of the main characters was obsessed with the Solitaire game. 

Solitaire cannot die 

Many card game experts claim that it’s Solitaire among the top popular formats of this entertainment form that cannot disappear. It’s not only because people love it or because the game can only be played by one person. It’s because, through the years Solitaire has been modified many times. It’s an endless list of new Solitaire formats, and it seems that it is not possible for new alternatives to stop arriving. 

So what about these facts about Solitaire? Did you know all of them? If not, don’t hesitate to search for some even more curious and helpful information about the Solitaire game in our online platform blog section.