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Game Description

Yukon Solitaire Online is a variation of the classic solitaire card game that provides a unique gameplay experience. It is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards.

  • The tableau consists of seven tableau piles, with the first pile containing one card faced up, the second containing two cards faced down, the third containing three cards faced down and so on, up to the seventh pile containing seven cards faced down. The first tableau pile has only one card faced up and the rest of the piles have five cards each faced up.
  • Valid moves include:
    • Building tableau piles in descending order, alternating colors (e.g., black 10 can be placed on a red Jack). You can move cards even if they have cards on the top of them.
    • Moving cards to foundation piles when they are in ascending order and of the same suit as the top card of the foundation pile.
  • Empty tableau columns can be filled only with a King.
  • The game is won when all cards are moved to the foundation piles.
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Rules of Yukon Solitaire Free Online

Yukon Solitaire Online is a strategic and engaging card game. Follow these steps to play:

  • The cards are dealt in seven tableau piles with an increasing number of cards in each pile.
  • Begin building tableau piles in descending order, alternating colors. Move cards even if they have other cards on top. Move cards in yukon solitaire
  • Move Aces to the Foundation Piles. Deal new cards in yukon solitaire
  • On an empty tableau pile you can move only a King. Move a King card in yukon solitaire
  • Win the game by successfully moving all cards to the foundation piles. All cards are up in yukon solitaire