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Play Spider Solitaire Free Online

Start playing many free Spider Solitaire online games. No registration and no download is required. You can play on desktop and also on your mobile phone.

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Game Description

Spider Solitaire 1 Suit is a simplified version of the classic Spider Solitaire card games. It is played with 2 decks of cards and a single suit, making it easier for beginners to learn and play. The goal of the game is to move all of the cards from the tableau to the foundation piles, in order from king to ace. Players can move cards in a number of ways, including:

  • Moving a single card from one tableau pile to another
  • Moving a group of cards from one tableau pile to another, as long as the cards are in descending order by rank
  • Moving cards from a tableau pile to a foundation pile, as long as the cards are in a sequence from king to ace

The game is won when all of the cards have been moved to the foundation piles. Play Spider Card Game free now.

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Rules of Spider Solitaire 1 Suit Free Online

In Spider Solitaire Online, there are three main areas where cards are placed: the stockpile, the foundation, and the tableau.

  • The Stockpile is a pile of cards that are face down. When you start the game, the entire 2 decks of cards are placed face down in the stockpile. You can deal over cards from the stockpile to the tableau.
  • The Foundation is a set of eight piles. The goal of the game is to move all of the cards from the tableau to the foundation piles, in a descending order from king to ace. You can only move cards to the foundation if they are in a sequence from king to ace.
  • The Tableau is a set of ten piles, with one card face up in each pile. The remaining cards in the deck are placed face down below the tableau piles. You can move cards from one tableau pile to another tableau pile, as long as they are in descending order. For example, you can move the 9 of spades from one tableau pile to another tableau pile if there is a 10 of spades already in the second pile. Stockpile, Foundation, Tableau in spider solitaire
  • Start with two shuffled decks of cards.
  • Deal 54 cards onto the tableau in ten columns, with the first four columns containing 6 cards each and the remaining six columns containing 5 cards each. Deal cards in spider solitaire
  • Begin building descending sequences of cards by moving cards onto higher-ranked cards. Move card to a higher ranked one in spider solitaire
  • Use empty tableau columns to temporarily store cards and create new sequences. Use empty tableau column in spider solitaire
  • Click on the stock pile to deal new cards to each tableau column, and continue making moves. Click on the stock pile in spider solitaire
  • Win the game by successfully arranging all cards from king to ace and move them to the foundation. All cards at the foundation in spider solitaire

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How to Play Spider Solitaire Video

You can watch our video to understand the rules of the game and explore all options we offer like Undo, Hint, Change Deck and many more.

Watch on YouTube: "How to play Spider Solitaire Free Online?"

Strategies for playing Spider Solitaire

There are many strategies which can help you to complete the game. Here are some:

  • Try to expose hidden cards whenever possible. When you uncover a hidden card, it gives you more options for making moves. So, always look for opportunities to expose hidden cards.
  • Try to make empty piles as early as possible. An empty pile can be used as a temporary storage space for cards. This can be helpful if you are stuck and don't have any other moves available.
  • Build on higher cards first. When you have a choice, build on higher cards first. This is because you will eventually need to move the lower cards to the foundation piles, and it will be easier to do so if they are already on top of the higher cards.
  • Get as many cards exposed and arranged as possible before dealing the next 10 cards from the stock. This will give you a head start and make it more likely that you will be able to win the game.
  • As soon as you remove a suit, arrange the remaining cards into “natural builds”. A natural build is a sequence of cards in descending order, by suit. This is the most efficient way to store cards, as it gives you the most options for making moves.
  • Don't give up too quickly. Even if a game seems hopeless, sometimes you can still win by being patient and strategic. So, don't give up until all hope is lost.