Leaderboard Flower Garden Solitaire

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The best player at Flower Garden Solitaire is: idreger13 with 641 wins in total.

# Player Wins
1 idreger13 641
2 Lucy-Purr 235
3 KooKoo 102
4 zwezda2015 79
5 ClamHammer 18
6 betterthanryan1 17
7 lovfords 13
8 fmaiernascimento 7
9 betterthanryan 5
# Player Time
1 idreger13 01:17
2 Lucy-Purr 01:21
3 lovfords 01:22
4 ClamHammer 01:26
5 KooKoo 02:15
6 betterthanryan1 02:17
7 zwezda2015 02:27
8 betterthanryan 02:41
9 fmaiernascimento 05:15
# Player Moves
1 Lucy-Purr 64
2 idreger13 69
3 ClamHammer 72
4 KooKoo 72
5 lovfords 82
6 betterthanryan1 86
7 betterthanryan 87
8 zwezda2015 89
9 fmaiernascimento 97

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